Discover How To Shed Pounds With 10-Minute Keto 'Comfort Meals'

 10-Minute Keto ‘Comfort Meals’

That Help Shed 
The Pounds On-The-Fly...

(WITHOUT Being A Slave To The Kitchen!)
Read On To Learn The Simple Habits 
That Enable ANYONE To Cook Healthy
 Yet 'Indulgent' Keto Recipes

"Do you really think you should be buying dessert?"

The grocery clerk sneered as she rang up my purchases.

I’d never felt so ashamed in my life… And could feel the “glares” and “stares” of the shoppers behind me crawl all over my skin.

The brownie I was buying didn’t seem worth it anymore. I just wanted to disappear.

Fighting tears, I rushed to pay for my groceries, trying with every ounce of willpower I had left to avoid making eye contact with the clerk.

Then I lifted the bags and walked out of the store…

​Feeling the same deafening “defeat” I’d felt for years every time I went grocery shopping. 

This time was different. 

After walking out of my local grocery store, the same one I’d been shopping at for years… 

I made the decision to never return again… 

Because the shame, fear, and confusion I felt walking through the door just wasn’t worth it. And when I got home... 

The first thing I did was throw that brownie straight into the trash. There was no way I could enjoy it after what the clerk had said. It would have felt like eating pure shame.

I already felt so bad about myself that...
I didn’t want to leave my home ever again.

Hi. I'm Kristen Skaff.

And I want to share my personal story with you.

Even though it's embarrassing and hard to talk about…

I know that if I write about the pain, the shame, the crushing emotional devastation of what I've gone through....

I can help a lot of people who are trying to slim down…
Wake up feeling good…

Look in the mirror with confidence…
Without giving up the foods they love.
Maybe that’s you?

Here on this page I’ll be revealing

  • The number one barrier to sticking with keto, and how to make it disappear forever (Do this and you'll never have to worry about "falling off the wagon")
  • Two easy principles that will put all your kitchen decisions on autopilot
  • The truth about most keto gurus, and when to tune them OUT
  • How to save 9 hours and 20 minutes per week with no effort, by following a six-word guideline
  • Warning: THIS common mistake can sink keto diets for good (and it's not what you think)
  • The super simple mindset hack that will permanently take the stress out of cooking
  • How you can learn ALL my tricks and watch your success in keto blast off like a rocket ship!
"The Bacon Cheese Chicken Casserole is so delicious and easy to make after a busy day at work. I had the bacon cooked and chicken chopped beforehand, so it saved some time when putting everything together. This was a big hit and will made on a consistent basis in our house."

But before we dive into that…

I wanna share how I ended up discovering a simple, 10-minute routine that helped me fit into my "skinny jeans" again... 

Without having to work overtime trying to crack the ever-elusive "keto code" that's taken the internet by storm over the last few years. 
If you feel like keto is going smoothly for you, if you love how you feel, and the way you look in the mirror...
Congratulations! You can go ahead and close this page now.

For everyone else, keep reading.

If you've tried to "go keto" in the past...

But couldn't make it work with your busy schedule or lifestyle...

I want you to know that it's not your fault.
As you've probably seen by now...
There are a lot of "keto cops" online urging you to follow their advice, or else risk wrecking your health and sabotaging your weight loss. 

Too bad so many of them contradict each other, and give hard-to-follow instructions for their "One True Way" to do keto correctly.
It's such a challenge to decide what's right for you, when they all make keto sound so complicated.
So, in just a minute...

I'll share with you a little-known secret that can help flip the fat-burning "switch"...

In just 10 minutes per day.

Sound too good to be true? If I hadn't gone through these struggles myself...

And found an incredibly easy and surprising solution...
Then I don't know if I'd believe it, myself.
But I've lived through all of this. The hard parts, and the GREAT parts.

And now... I want to share my story with you.

First, let me tell you about my life BEFORE that grocery store bully took a wrecking ball to my self esteem. I used to have a very different body image...and a very different body.

Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer all my life until college graduation.

And even throughout law school, I continued to work out aggressively…

Despite the 16-hour long days that law school required.
During my first year as an associate attorney, I was in a disastrous auto accident that changed my life forever.
In fact, I'm very lucky to be alive at all.

It all happened so quickly.

As I drove down the familiar stretch of highway in my brand new silver Acura, enjoying the wind through the sunroof, and my favorite album through the car stereo...

Another driver clipped the front corner of my vehicle as he changed lanes. He set my car spinning, then crashing into the median wall.

I was ejected out of my sunroof on the freeway...
Thrown 40 feet away on the pavement...

And my body suffered devastating injuries as a result.
Totaling my car was the least of my concerns. I had almost totaled my body.
After months of therapy, I recovered the ability to walk--first with a walker, then with a cane, and then all on my own without support.

But I would never be able to exercise the way I used to.
In fact, the pain of simply standing up was so bad that I could only handle the suffering for a few minutes at a time.

When I finally found myself on the other side of all that intense healing, I was faced with another serious health problem
I broke my back in 13 places.

I broke both my hips and a bunch of ribs.

I was bleeding everywhere and covered with cuts.

After spending a month in hospitals, I left in a wheelchair, feeling incredibly grateful to be alive....

Even though I couldn't walk a single step.

I had gained 100 pounds!

So I tackled weight loss with the same ferociousness that helped me succeed as a competitive swimmer. I tried every diet imaginable, starting with the ones that had helped me stay in shape as an athlete. 

Low fat diet, low calorie diet, ULTRA low calorie diet... The weight didn't budget. And my doctor and my trainers all blamed me.

"You must just be eating too much."

Desperate to prove myself and shed the pounds of shame covering my once-muscular figure…

I turned to supplements and crazy fad diets. Thermogenics, appetite suppressants, injections…

Eventually, things got so out of control that I realized I was starving myself on a daily basis.​Not only did I not lose weight, I harmed myself in the process of trying

I GAINED weight. ​I damaged my metabolism plus the functioning of my adrenals and thyroid. 

​In short, all that hard work and misery...just made everything worse.
​Each time I looked in the mirror, I felt overwhelmed with guilt, shame, despair... 

And hopelessness.

My weight was keeping me on 
a dead-end path of lifelong misery and pain.

But despite all my struggles, and despite all my failures, I didn't give up. I kept looking for a solution that would FINALLY solve this problem once and for all.

Using the research skills I learned in law school, I analyzed hundreds of weight loss studies...

Rejecting diet after diet, because I knew from experience that they weren't right for me... 

Until finally I discovered the book that would change my life forever. As I sprinted through the pages, the author's story felt familiar in certain ways.

It was like I had already lived through some of what he described...right up until he found his solution: Keto.
When I finished that book, I drove straight to the grocery store...even though it was late at night. I was so eager to try keto that I had to start the very next day!

That's when everything started to change for me at last. But it wasn't easy. I was THRILLED with the results of first. 

I lost 60 pounds! But one day, keto just stopped working for me. I wasn't losing weight anymore, and I felt so discouraged. 

And honestly? Even when it was working...keto was overwhelming. Sometimes it felt like I was studying for a PhD in Ketology on top of my degree from law school. 
When I made "saving time" the centerpiece of my keto...

That's when keto stopped feeling like "the diet I'm currently on," and instead became a permanent part of my life. 

I bet you're curious to learn exactly how I made keto an effortless daily habit. So I'm going to give you a couple of my favorite keto time hack principles right away. 

I want you to see for yourself how easy keto can be.

The FIRST KETO TIME HACK I developed is leveraging and outsourcing.

Some gurus and influencers make it sound like you have to do everything from scratch short of raising and butchering your own livestock. If that works for you, great! If not, keep reading.
Maybe you remember the "green drink" mania that was all the rage a few years ago, thanks to Victoria Boutenko's popular books. 

Now, I love a good green drink as much as any other health-conscious person. What I don't love is investing precious time into buying all the ingredients, washing and chopping them, then cleaning the blender afterwards. 

One day I realized that I could get most of the health benefits along with the "green drink experience" by using an organic, premium quality greens powder.

And that's been my go-to ever since.

It's so simple...
but after I gave myself permission to do keto my way...

I realized it was a perfect solution to the problem of balancing keto with the rest of my busy life.

And I've continued to find ways to use the principle of leveraging and outsourcing every day, in all kinds of yummy recipes. 

Sure, you can make a bunch of fancy dishes that take 2 hours each to prepare, and require trips to multiple specialty stores for strange ingredients you never would have heard of if you hadn't started keto.

That's a great way to approach cooking...if your job is being a health influencer who needs to churn out perfect-looking meals and fill up your social media calendar. Or if you're a professional chef who already spends 8 hours a day cooking by choice. Or if you're independently wealthy and have all the time in the world to putter around Whole Foods and frolic in your fancy, expensive kitchen.

For the rest of us--busy professionals, busy moms, and other ordinary folks... 

It's more sustainable to use shortcuts by leveraging and outsourcing. That's why I developed the habit of looking for those at every step of every recipe. Now I want to teach you ALL my best rituals and tricks--even the weird ones.

Especially the weird ones! 

Encouraged by the success of my first time hack...

I came up with a SECOND KETO TIME HACK to rescue hours of boring, repetitive time in the kitchen every week.

I realized that I could plan meals that wouldn't squander a single minute of my I began collecting recipes that take just 10 minutes or less to cook.

After trying countless recipes by dozens of keto experts, I started to develop my own recipes, which maximize ALL the time hack techniques...not just the two I've described above.

And now that I've developed my unique approach that laid all my keto struggles to rest for good... 

I know that I just cannot keep this information to myself. 

It would be selfish of me not to share the strategies that empowered me to say goodbye to the weight, upgrade my health, and live my best life. 

Now I'm FINALLY ready to spill my secrets and teach my incredibly easy method for whipping up delicious, healthy meals...

With ingredients you probably have at home right now, using basic equipment you've owned for years, and all in just a fraction of the time it takes to order and wait for an expensive restaurant meal to be delivered.

I'm a big believer in "learning by doing." So I wrote 10 Minute Keto Comfort Foods to teach YOU how to cook all my favorite recipes. It's almost like having me hang out in your kitchen and show you exactly what to do.

Ordering this book is the only way to learn my special time hacks and thereby save yourself hours of grueling kitchen work week after week.
You may be wondering what kinds of recipes my cookbook includes.

Sure, they may be incredibly fast, convenient, and easy to follow.

But are they craveable?

Friend, I have great news...

I love comfort foods.

So that's the secondary focus of 10 Minute Keto Comfort Foods, in addition to time hacks.

These dishes will remind you of your favorite foods from your childhood. The ones your mom would make for your birthday.

These are the kinds of meals you'll long for on rainy days--both literal rainy days, and the days when it only rains in your heart.

Some keto gurus and cookbook authors seem to expect you to "expand your horizons" and learn to either enjoy their weird "health food" tastes, or resign yourself to sacrificing enjoyment completely in the name of health.

It's a fast track to getting sick of keto and giving up...and it's completely unnecessary. 

You can eat delicious food that feels familiar every single day, and still be completely adherent to keto!

Cheesy Frittata Bake

Bacon, Spinach & Cheese Egg Muffins

Ultimate Egg Scramble

"First of all, I wanted to tell you how impressed I was when I first opened this book and saw how beautifully it was put together. The pictures are gorgeous and makes it easy to visualize your presentation. The recipes are those you’d use every day and are very family friendly.

One of the recipes I tried was the Taco Casserole. It was quick and easy to prepare. I baked it exactly as called for, allowed it to cool for a couple of minutes, then served it for dinner. It was so tasty, my family loved it! It was creamy, meaty, and had a good texture. The taco seasoning gave it a nice little kick which we loved. I’ll definitely be making this again."

I'm taking a huge risk by putting up this webpage.

Some of the keto gurus would be outraged if they knew how much I'm willing to reveal about the TRUTH that makes the difference between keto success and miserable keto failure.

They know that if too many people learn the stupidly easy time hack secrets in my book...then a bunch of gurus would lose their livelihoods!

Keto success would be so simple and widespread that no one would need them anymore.

So this page could VANISH at any minute.

I want you to learn the keto truths that could change your life, just like they've changed mine.

In fact, I want to help so much that I am LITERALLY giving this information away.
So I hope you'll accept 10 Minute Keto Comfort Foods as my gift to you. All I ask is that you pitch in a couple bucks to cover the shipping costs.

For's worth it just to know that I'm changing lives for the better.

Since I’ve already paid to print these books, I want to make sure I’m only sending them to people who are ready to change their lives.

If that’s you, then go ahead and click the button and claim your free book.
I’ll ship it out to you right away so you don’t have to waste any more time with “solutions” that will never give you the results you want.
But if you’re not serious about learning the missing pieces of the puzzle that will finally make your keto a success...

And you’re just reading this for entertainment…
Go ahead and close this window now.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I might have to take this page down.

If you delay ordering your free book, then try to come back here later, only to find that the page is gone forever...

That's it. You just lost your chance.

So I really hope you order today.

Right now, you have two choices: 

1. You can keep doing exactly what you're doing, and see where that gets you.
Hint: it's NOT where you want to be. 
2. You can let me help you by showing you exactly what's worked for me. 
It's up to you which path you take. 

Please decide soon, whichever it is. I wish I could keep handing out free books like this forever. But my resources are limited, and so is this offer.

My goal is to make keto so easy you keep enjoying it forever

So if you decide you're ready to commit to success...then I want to be there for you. That's why I'm including three additional FREE gifts along with the book itself. No need to wait for the mailman--you can download these immediately and get started right away.

Bonus #1: [Digital] 10 MINUTE KETO 'COMFORT FOODS' 
($39 Value!)

Get started cooking these keto comfort meals as you wait for 3-5 business days as the physical cookbook ships directly to your door.
That means that in a few minutes from now, you’ll have your hands on the 10 Minute Keto Comfort Foods cookbook! 

Bonus #2: [Digital] Keto On-The-Go ($27 Value!)

People who are trying to be on a certain type of diet will often worry about eating out or about how to eat when they are not eating at home.

Those of us trying to stay Keto tend to share these concerns. The good news is that there are EASY ways to live your life, work around a busy schedule and eat out at restaurants...all without ruining your Keto diet.

Today can be the day YOU start to turn it all around just like I did. 

Or it can be the day you look back at with regret, always wondering "what if...?"
  • You deserve this. You deserve to lose the weight at last.
  • You deserve to look and feel fantastic.
  • ​You deserve the vibrant health that comes with keto success.
  • And you deserve to eat all the delicious foods that feel so indulgent...but are actually good for you!
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